Sarah Darling Releases New Single ‘Silver Linings’

With a new album in the works, Iowa native Sarah Darling is steadily releasing new music every six weeks off the forthcoming record, and the latest offering is the sublime ballad ‘Silver Linings’ which is one of the most hauntingly beautiful tracks the singer-songwriter has ever shared with her fanbase.

Originally debuted at live shows in Nashville, TN where Sarah Darling is based the song instantly caught the attention of listeners and quickly became a favourite so it comes as little surprise that Darling made the decision to include the heartfelt song on the LP despite it originally not being a part of the plan for this project.

Known for being a ray of sunshine and always being content and happy, ‘Silver Linings’ offers a peek behind the curtain of the truth behind that outward demeanour. Yes, Sarah Darling is happy at heart and content with where she is right now, that doesn’t mean that she hasn’t suffered hurt and knockback and this release embodies that and shows the realism behind the scenes.

Speaking about the track, Sarah says: “I’ve put on a happy face when I was falling apart. I’ve experienced what I thought I wanted but not what I needed. I’ve learned that it’s never weak to show your emotions”

This is arguably Sarah Darling’s most impressive release to date, it’s raw, honest and authentic. It comes from a place of realism and doesn’t try to sugarcoat anything. She’s being her truest self. ‘Silver Linings’ is bold, powerful, and emotive and overall just a fantastic country song that many will relate to.

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