ALBUM REVIEW: Carly Pearce’s ‘Hummingbird’

Just when you think an artist can’t possibly top their previous records, Kentucky native Carly Pearce comes along with her newest album ‘Hummingbird’ and delivers her best body of work to date. The record releases on June 7, and fans are in for a real treat, the 14-track collection is superb.

Filled with hard-hitting and self-reflective ballads the tracklist is peppered with female empowerment anthems such as ‘Truck On Fire’ and ‘Still Blue’ showcasing the strength in depth that Pearce has as a vocalist and songwriter. Country music is so much richer for this album and artist. She’s bringing back the 90s style and doing it with aplomb.

Carly Pearce, with this album, solidifies her status as the princess of country music… Following in the footsteps of those who came before her; Dolly Parton, Shania Twain, and Reba, the Nashville-based creative is keeping that old-school sound well and truly alive and those roots are buried deep on this LP.

Tracks such as ‘Things I Don’t Chase’, ‘My Place’, and ‘Oklahoma’ further reveal the hurt she suffered after the breakdown of her marriage to Michael Ray, whilst songs including ‘Truck On Fire’, ‘Still Blue’, and ‘Woman To Woman’ showcase the flip side of that hurt showing that Carly walked through the fire and came out the other side stronger than ever and believing in love with the right person.

‘Hummingbird’ is a kaleidoscopic record featuring many country styles, old and new making it a truly standout offering from the Grammy award singer/songwriter. This project will no doubt see her adding many more awards to her growing collection. A real contender for Album Of The Year at the Grammys, that’s for sure.


Country Music Made Me Do It

Truck On Fire

Still Blue

Heels Over Head

We Don’t Fight Anymore

Rock Paper Scissors


Things I Don’t Choose

Woman To Woman

Fault Line

Pretty Please

Trust Issues


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